“My man: A grand Heavenly plan”

Love was once a formula I always got wrong. A spell whose breaking chant my heart could not master.

I fell for those that ran over my heart. Left for dead on a road companied only with lonliness & deafening silence.

It was a lonely & dusty road to travel; destination unknown. I longed to be kept warm in the dead of winter.

I longed to see the next summer’s rainbow with a man to call my very own. But my dreams appeared as dead as the falling autumn leaves.

I continued my long walk along Lonely Avenue South; destination unknown. Uncountable hitchhiking signals I gave, but those on wheels could not give me a lift.

Destination unknown. But I hiked on. I grew weary. My heart was giving up. My breath was at the last gasp.

It was certain only a grand heavenly plan could make my mysteries unfold; to burn these gloomy chapters.

To create a new plot or to complete the story. My man, at your advent, you transformed Lonely Avenue South into Love Avenue North.

With you by my side, I’m immune to winter’s harsh. My smiles are as bright & colourful as the rainbow in summer.

My pain & gloom of yesterday are like the falling autumn leaves; they dry up & wither away.

With you, I hike along the dusty road with inexplicable joy. Hitchhiking is history; for you always provide me with wheels whenever I need them.

Our destination is Nirvana. & in you my man, is the grand heavenly plan! You complete the tale.

That’s how my mind married itself.🤣🤣